Corporate identity

First impressions are key! That’s why good design plays its part in the customer encounter. At our agency, we place great importance on creativity and fresh ideas, creating new visual identities and supporting established brands.

What is corporate identity?

A corporate identity (CI) is a set of visual elements that represents a company, organisation or brand. It includes everything from the logo and colour scheme to typography and graphic elements. CI is key to creating brand awareness and creating long-term relationships with customers.

How to build a CI?

Target Audience Analysis: Before starting to create a CI, it is crucial to do a target audience analysis. This allows designers to understand what the target audience expects from the brand, how they perceive it and what their needs are.
Colour scheme and typography selection: After the target audience analysis, the selection of the colour scheme and typography can begin. The colour scheme should be consistent with the brand values and messages and appropriate for the target audience. The typography should be legible and suitable for use in different media.
Logo design: The logo is a key element of the CI and should be designed to reflect the values and messages of the brand and be easily recognisable. The logo should be usable in a variety of sizes and media.
Creation of other graphic elements: In addition to the logo, it is important to create other graphic elements such as business cards, letterhead, document covers, packaging, etc. These elements should be consistent with the colour scheme and typography and reflect the values and messages of the brand.

How to use CI?

Once you have your company’s corporate identity ready, it’s important to start using it in all possible areas. Here are some ways you can use your CI:


Your website is the most obvious place where your CI should be present. This means it should be used on your logo, colour palette, typography and other graphic elements.

Business communication

All your documents, such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes and other business correspondence, should contain elements of your corporate identity. This will ensure that your documents are distinctive and professional.

Advertising material

If you want your corporate identity to reach the largest possible audience, it is important that it is also used in advertising material such as posters, leaflets, advertisements and more. This will make your advertisements more visible and effective.

Social networks

Social networks are a great way to spread your corporate image. Make sure your social media profiles are in line with your company’s corporate identity. Use your company’s colours, typography and logo to ensure your brand is recognised on social networks.

Product packaging

If you sell physical products, it’s important that your overall graphic image comes through on the packaging. This will make your products more recognisable and professional.

CI is therefore crucial to the success of your business. Once you have it, it’s important to use it in every possible area of your business to ensure that your brand is recognisable, professional and consistent.

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